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Exhibitors' Testimonials - ARTOZA 2023

The exhibitors who participated in ARTOZA 2023 speak for one of the best events of all time, while highlighting the very high and absolutely targeted attendance of professionals from the bakery and confectionery industry!

The overall impression from this year's ARTOZA is only positive. A lot of visitors passed by our stand, and I have to say that just the contact with so many professionals constitutes a unique experience.
Nikolaos Marras | Head of Research and Development of MARRAS Mills S.A.
We participate at ARTOZA from day one. This year the attendance was great, as it was mostly from professionals. It was a perfect event. In general we are pleased.
ARTOZA 2023 proved to be a European exhibition with a targeted and quality audience of professionals, and I have the feeling that it surpassed the 2019 event in terms of visitors. It is clear that participation in ARTOZA is the most suitable solution for anyone he wants to promote his company in the bakery and confectionery industry.
Antonis Salevourakis | General Manager of Puratos Hellas SA
The potential of this year's ARTOZA was evident from the very first day. The organization was flawless and we didn't face any problems at all. The level of ARTOZA reaches the exhibitions of a similar scope that take place abroad.
Konstantinos G. Koliopoulos | CEO PRIME PASTRY I.K.E.
The attendance and flow of professionals at this year's ARTOZA was satisfactory. The visitors were more qualitative and more targeted and in terms of the organization it was improved at all levels.
Athina Lappas | Owner of CLIVANEX I. LAPPAS LTD
We really wanted to attend this year's ARTOZA. It was a successful exhibition both for our company and for the industry in general. We were completely satisfied with the commercial results of our participation.
Vassilis Koktsidis | Sales Manager, Msc In International Marketing TECNOBLEND SRL
The 18th ARTOZA was extremely successful. We were impressed by the fact that almost all visitors were professionals from the bakery and confectionery industry and showed an interest in innovative products and new ideas.
Thodoris Batis |
I see that the people who came this year know what they are looking for and they also want to be informed about the trends of the industry.
Efthymios Efthymiou | Owner Efthymiou Efthymios & Co. E.E. – PROPACK
Το επίπεδο της έκθεσης πάντα ήταν υψηλό, αλλά νομίζω ότι η φετινή ARTOZA είναι καλύτερη απ’ όλες τις προηγούμενες διοργανώσεις, τόσο στην οργάνωση όσο και στο προφίλ του επισκέπτη.
Nikos Sakellariadis | President & CEO AKTINA SA
This year's exhibition had very substantial visitors, who knew very well what they wanted and came very purposefully to our company. It was a perfect organization, which was addressed to professionals. In general, we were satisfied with the commercial result.
Vassilis Kourlambas | Owner KOURLAMPAS, THEODOROS CH.
ARTOZA is a very important exhibition for our company. We have been participating in the exhibition for many years and each time I see substantial improvements at all levels without exception.
Vassilis Koulogiannis | Project Manager EVROPSIKTIKI DESIGN SA
We have been taking part in the exhibition for many years. Percentage wise I see more professionals visiting the trade show compared to other years and I notices that people's interest is focused on new products and innovative ideas.
Giorgos Theocharopoulos | Οwner LEDRA FOODS SA
ARTOZA manages to impress us every time with its sizes, the perfect organization, the quality of the audience and the aesthetics of the stands it hosts. Rightfully so, it is the largest bakery and confectionery exhibition in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean.
Stathis Antonopoulos | General Manager D. ANTONOPOULOS SA
During the trade show we had a lot of quality b2b meetings. We met in person with a lot of professionals with whom we closed or renewed already existing commercial agreements.
Alexandros Markantonakis | Managing Director MILLS OF CRETE
We are completely satisfied with our participation in the 18th ARTOZA. It was perfect on all levels and we had several important meetings. There was great interest from both Greek visitors and professionals from the Balkan countries.
Sotiris Smyrnis | General Manager of Lesaffre Hellas SA
We were very pleased with the organization because we had quite constructive discussions and meetings with several of the professionals who attended. In a wider context, during the exhibition there was a strong interest from many people in our stand.
Stelios Peponopoulos | President and CEO PEPONOPOULOS S.A.
The impressions from our participation in ARTOZA 2023 are completely positive. The organization was perfect as always and we found that the visitors this year were very targeted!
Stelios Kanakis | General Manager Stelios Kanakis SA
ARTOZA is the exhibition that gives the opportunity for exhibitors to present all their new products and for all industry professionals to see up close the prevailing trends and innovative solutions.
Nikos Loulis | Chairman of the Board of Directors LOULIS FOOD INGREDIENTS (Loulis Mills S.A.)
We have been participating in ARTOZA since 1991. We met with many of our clients from Athens and it was an opportunity for us to socialize with many of our partners, such as with people from whom we procure machinery or raw materials. All industry professionals were here.
Yannis Stamos | President and CEO of STAMOS S.A.
The level of the exhibition was - as every year - very high. Especially this year, however, we made several important appointments and had much more substantial contacts with visitors than in the past. Organizationally, everything was perfect.
Leonidas Zaraboukas | Food Service Sales Manager, "Alfa" Koukoutaris
This year's ARTOZA was impressive. The turnout was very large and the audience was absolutely on target. FORUM AE deserves real congratulations for organizing this year's exhibition.
Venetia Dimos | Sales and Marketing Executive D. DRAKOULAKIS S.A.
We have been participating in the exhibition since 2005. I did not expect such a large turnout. This means that people are interesting in learning the industry’s trends. Also on the positive side is that we closes commercial agreements from the very first day.
Dimitris Sklavounos | Sales Director TSAMBASIS S.A.
ARTOZA 2023 was once again very successful and gave the participating exhibitors the opportunity to expand their circle of contacts and make meaningful commercial contacts.
Nikos Benakis | President of Olympic Foods S.A.
ARTOZA is the most important trade meeting for bakery and confectionery in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. It is an exhibition with an international commercial character that is constantly developing
Stelios Giannikas | President and CEO STELIOS YIANNIKAS SA
We are always satisfied with this particular event, as it is aimed at a very targeted clientele and we consider our participation in it essential.
Paschalis Tsiolas | General Manager XORIATIKI ZIMI SA
Every year the exhibition becomes more and more interesting. The attendance was great and the professionals who visited ARTOZA showed a real interest in all the products and seemed to be excited by the atmosphere in the exhibition centre.
Yiannis Stefanou | Managing Director CLIVANEXPORT STEFANOU S.A.
Given the conditions that have been created due to the issues related to the energy crisis, I would say that we are quite satisfied with this year's event. I have noticed that mainly professionals attended.
Giorgos Basas | General Manager of BASAS S.A.
The 18th ARTOZA was better than any other time. The attendance from the first day, exceeded all expectations. We are very proud that a Greek exhibition with such an excellent organization has an international impact.
Kostas Laoudis | General Manager of LAOUDIS FOODS SA
I noticed that the exhibition in a wider context attracted a large number of professionals. I am very pleased with the organization as always, as it was perfect.
Nikolaos Nikolaidis | General Manager DOMESTICA SA
We see with great satisfaction that ARTOZA is constantly improving. Especially this year, the organization was perfect from every point of view, while the public that visited us showed more substantial interest than in the past.
Popi Trakada | Marketing Director RODOULA DOUGH PRODUCTS S.A.
I believe that a significant and serious investment was made during the exhibition. The main objective of our presence at the fair was to close deals and I can say that the outcome was impressive.
Christos Digenopoulos | Owner FRULLATI SA
The organization was once again exemplary. The screening of the supervisors was very effective and this year's ARTOZA was better than any previous one.
Yiannis Michalopoulos | CEO of Axaiko Entelvais
In general, the exhibition is undeniably of great interest to the coffee industry. In general, it is an event that is worth visiting for people from the catering industry. From the first day, very valuable contacts were made with several professionals.
Giorgos Gioupakis | Business Development Manager HASKOS COFFEE & BEVERAGES
The exhibition was perfectly organized and a very high attendance of professionals. We are very satisfied with the level of the exhibition and the communication we had with those who visited our stand.
Dimitris Gialamidis | Financial Director of Arabatzis Hellenic Dough
We have been participating in ARTOZA since 2013. The 'attendance' was mostly professionals and we participated at a great number of b2b meetings with them.

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