21-24 FEB 2025

21-24 ΦΕΒ 2025


HAFST Workshop

Technological approaches for artisan baking and pastry

A key supporter of the modern food professional and always in the role of a scientific guide for the people in the sector, Hellenic Association of Food Technologists, hold the important Workshop, on the topic of “Technological approaches to artisan bakery-confectionery”.

All the developments as well as the concerns regarding the bakery and confectionery businesses regarding the production and processing of their products, were analyzed at the day of the Hellenic Association of Food Technologists, on Saturday 4 March at the ARTOZA Lab stage in Hall 2, during the ARTOZA 2023 exhibition.

Ioannis Smarnakis, Food Technologist, President of the Hellenic Association of Food Technologists, Director of the Factory-Development of Lavdas Sugar Products SA. opened the Conference, referring to Ice Cream Technology. Mr. Smarnakis made a detailed analysis on the technology of ice cream, which in Greece is considered the dairy product with the greatest profit. This was followed by a reference to ancient times and the evolution of ice cream to today. He then analyzed the 3 phases of ice cream (solid, gas and liquid) while considering both its composition (water, sugars, air, proteins and additives) as well as the mixture composition, the role and function of the ingredients and the production stages. Finally, he mentioned the fact that ice cream can be produced without added sugar or with reduced sugar.


HAFST President Yiannis Smarnakis


HAFST secretary general Panagiotis Maniatea

Αfterwards, Spyros Christidis – Food Technologist of Giotis SA. focused on the production technology of chocolate and how it is applied to artisan pastry-making. First he explained the types of chocolate (black, milk, white and the different variations) while mentioning all the legislative framework surrounding it. He then referred to imitation chocolate products which, according to him, are made for cost reduction and technological reasons. He mentioned the raw materials of chocolates which are basically divided into solid and liquid (fats). This was followed by the analysis of cacao trees which are found mainly in the equatorial zone and in countries such as Ghana, Brazil and the Ivory Coast and from which cocoa mass, cocoa and cocoa butter are produced. Finally, he highlighted the types of sugar used (crystal, powder and brown), the fats (such as cocoa butter and milk butter), the emulsifiers (such as lecithin and PGPR) and the chocolate production process.

The magical world of sourdoughs was revealed to the attendees by Michalis Orestidis, Food Technologist and technology and innovation consultant, while Theofanis Georgopoulos, Agronomist-Food Technologist and Lecturer at the University of Thessaly, introduced us to the production technology of puff pastry and its applications in artisan bread-confectionery. His presentation started from the production process and the synergies during fermentation. Then he was referred to the organoleptic analysis regarding the taste, aroma and color, while he mentioned the difference in starters so that someone can learn to make sourdough by himself. Afterwards he talked about the categories of leavens (active, wet inactive and dry inactive) while finally he mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of starters and live and inactive leavens.

The food technologist Michalis Orestidis 

The lecturer of University of Thessaly Theofanis Georgopoulos

Theophanis Georgopoulos (Agriculturist-FoodTechnologist-Lecturer at the University of Thessaly) explained the production technology of puff pastry and its applications in artisanal bread-pastry. He pointed out that puff pastry is a layered dough product. Then he made a historical review of the puff pastry, followed by the ways of making it. Then he analyzed the 3 methods of adding fat (Scottish or Blitz, English and French) but also the basic ingredients of puff pastry (flour, water, salt, fats and emulsifiers). Finally, it was extended to other topics such as the quality characteristics and specifications of flour, the effect of water on the puff pastry, the specifications of margarines, etc.

The event closed with a discussion on the issues raised through the presentations, under the coordination of Panagiotis Maniateas, General Secretary of the Hellenic Association of Food Technologists.

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