21-24 FEB 2025

21-24 ΦΕΒ 2025



Targeted speeches, informative workshops & coffee championships

Acclaimed presenters of various specialties and market executives held a series of presentations and speeches about marketing and management, on the ARTOZA Lab stage.

The Hall 2 stage hosted a very interesting series of targeted speeches during which the speakers focused on topics such as: Effective personnel management, ways to increase sales, expanding customer services, dealing with competition, costing, effective social media promotion, appropriate branding, computerization. It also hosted the Panhellenic Latte Art and Ibrik Championships from SCA Greece.

Monday, March 6th – Post show

ARTOZA Lab has been completed with important issues that concern the industry today. The parallel event for bakery and confectionery businesses, held as part of the ARTOZA 2023 exhibition, was a great success, with impressive audience participation, interesting topics and high-level speakers.

The day started with Yannis Laoudis, CEO GB EXPERTS/ MISCELA D’ORO SPA, who spoke about the need for proper support as well as critical positions in the bakery, confectionery and coffee in his speech about “the dynamics of coffee in the bakery”. Giannis Nyktaris, Gelatiere, Owner of Fatto a Mano and Panagiotis Tsiavos, baker and confectioner, spoke about the peculiarities of businesses in tourist areas. Finding the right staff, adapting to the local market and the demanding operating hours were some of the issues that were discussed, while an important reference was made to the need to adapt the range of products to the demands of the public. In his own unique way, Panagiotis Nikas, founder of the Barista Academy, focused on the needs of barista training. More specifically, he referred to the five basic stages about the study of the space and the correct choice of equipment, the choice of staff, the choice of packaging, the importance of training and where it is necessary and finally the pricing policy and costing.

Yiannis Laoudis
Vasilis Kafaloukos

Through an interesting speech and presenting some samples to the audience, Vassilis Kafaloukos, Ex. Chef Kastelorizo Group/Food consultant spoke analytically about the new age handmade snacks. Good bread and other flour products, Greek cheeses, handmade cold meats, sauces and various cooking techniques were among the issues that were discussed. Kelly Tzika, Coffee Expert Caffe Carraro/TRK Coffee & Beverages, explained the most common mistakes in the preparation of coffee and how to avoid them through a decalogue while at the same time interacting with the audience, thus closing the speeches of this year’s Artoza Lab. Characteristic examples are the cleanliness of the machine and the grinding mill, the absolute knowledge of the equipment, the avoidance of moisture, the distribution of the coffee in the filter basket, etc.

Sunday, March 5th – Post show

The third day of Artoza Lab workshops & seminars opened with a very interesting speech. Ioannis Kakos, Food and Beverage Technologist, MSc/Founder of Food Safety Art referred to hygiene rules, from the laboratory to the sales area, giving valuable advice to professionals. During the second speech of the day at Artoza Lab, the Editor in chief of Ambrosia magazine and Marketing Specialist Charitomeni Vonta spoke about brand story telling in bakery and confectionery, demonstrating the importance of “narrative” in a business, shedding light on aspects of the subject, which for many professionals remains relatively unknown.

Alexandros Rizos, Economist/ Business Development Partner Nestor SA took the baton in the Artoza Lab speeches. Mr. Rizos spoke about the issue of personnel. Citing typical examples of the market, he tried to connect marketing and management principles with human resources. Finally, he emphasized the tactics of finding the right person in the right position. Afterwards, Giorgos Karantas, Reseller Channel Sales Manager of the EUROGAT company, learned about the advantages of automatic coffee machines. Without going into the process of comparison with traditional professional machines, he listed the “key” points/places where the use of a hyperautomatic machine is more appropriate, such as offices, conference centers, canteens.

Eleni Manika, Marinos Kosmas, Nektarios Dalianis and Alexandros Pavlov
Alexandros Rizos

The workshops at the Artoza 2023 exhibition continued with a very interesting panel. Marinos Kosmas, pastry chef/owner of MK Gluten Free Pastry & Bakery Project, Nektarios Dalianis, owner of Fysis pastry shops and Alexandros Pavlov, pastry chef, owner of Pavlov’s Lab/ Consultant Pastry chef of Holy Llama Vegan Bakery examined myths and truths about the trends of gluten free, sugar free and vegan products. Through fruitful dialogue they solved questions, while sharing knowledge, experiences and stories with the audience. Moderator of the panel was Eleni Manika, Editor in chief of Snack & Coffee magazine. Continuing with the speeches of Artoza Lab, Christos Lonas and Andreas Kouvaris from ACH Communication introduced us to the promising field of influencing and its application in the bakery-confectionery sector. Specifically, they looked at how social media influencers can help grow a business. The day at Artoza Lab’s workshops & seminars ended with the speech of Giorgos Kozaris, Coffee Expert of Caffe’ Luigi HASKOS LTD. Mr. Kozaris, in this open seminar, made an introduction to the world of coffee by explaining and simplifying for the public the basic terminologies that a barista uses in his daily life

Saturday, March 4th – Post show

The ARTOZA Lab was particularly impressive today with very interesting seminars by renowned lecturers of various specialties and market executives. Also, as part of the ARTOZA Lab, the workshop of the Hellenic Association of Food Scientists & Technologies was held, on the topic of “Technological approaches to artisan bakery-confectionery”, where chocolate, puff pastry, ice cream and slow-ripening sourdoughs were put under the microscope by food technologist scientists as well as experienced professionals, who presented possible handling problems, giving the appropriate solutions. See more here.

Vice President of Hellenic Bakers Federation Elsa Koukoumeria
Kostas Kapopoulos of W2 Strategy

Afterwards, Elsa Koukοumeria, bakery owner and Vice President of the Federation of Bakers, spoke in detail about issues that concern all those involved in the industry, such as the costing and invoicing of products, and Kostis Kappopoulos of W2 Strategy referred to the creation of appropriate content for social media. Also, Yannis Pastras, Barista Trainer TOOCOFF, CAFES RICHARD gave advice for a perfect Latte Art in coffee.

Friday, March 3rd – Post show

On the ARTOZA Lab stage in Hall 2 of the exhibition, the Panhellenic Latte Art and Ibrik Championships were held by SCA Greece. The winners of the Ibrik Championship were Dimitris Karabas (1st place), Iosif Davidis (2nd place) and Giannis Seretis (3rd place) and the winners of the Latte Art 2023 competition are: Apostolos Adamopoulos (1st place), Haris Ιfantis (2nd place) and Stefosis Giannis (3rd place). The winners will represent Greece in the respective world championships.

Apostolos Adamopoulos (1st place), Haris Ιfantis (2nd place) and Stefosis Giannis (3rd place)
Dimitris Karabas (1st place), Iosif Davidis (2nd place) and Giannis Seretis (3rd place)

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