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21-24 FEB 2025

21-24 ΦΕΒ 2025


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Testimonials from ARTOZA 2021

The ARTOZA 2021 exhibition won the impressions of both the representatives of the institutional bodies and of the entire domestic and international market of the Bakery and Confectionery sector!

Exhibitor Testimonials

We are very happy to participate in ARTOZA 2021. We had the opportunity to get in touch with our business partners from all over Greece.
Laoudis Ioannis | CEO, Gelato & Bakery Experts
ARTOZA 2021 was a very successful trade show. We have made very important new business contacts. The fact that during ARTOZA, was held the 34th Panhellenic Conference of Hellenic Bakers’ Federation, helped attracting more targeted visitors.
Eleni Kepenou | CEO, Kepenos Flour Mills
Our impressions from the organization of ARTOZA trade show are very good and we are satisfied with the attendance we had at our booth.
Nikolas Nikolaidis | General Manager of Domestica
We want to express our satisfaction for this year's ARTOZA. We had the opportunity to meet several of our business partners and we hope that our appointments will have positive outcome.
Theofanis Marras | CEO, Marra Mills
We missed the exhibitions very much, we missed ARTOZA, the human contact, to listen to the people in the market and to understand their needs. Based on the experience we gained from this year's ARTOZA, we will definitely participate in the exhibition in 2023 as well.
Maria Houdalaki | Marketing Manager, Nespresso Professional
Of course, in 2023 we will be in ARTOZA and in every ARTOZA. There were a lot of appointments and we were very satisfied.
Konstantinos Malamas | President and CEO, MedineanTrade
Our impressions from the ARTOZA 2021 event are very positive, we had a very good four days that we made quality contacts.
Spyridon Kontogiorgis | Director of Commercial or Commercial Vehicles, Teoren Motors S.A.
The organizers did a very good job, the exhibition was a huge success for me and for the other exhibitors who I have discussed with. Everyone has a very positive view of this year's trade show.
George Mitsidis | Owner, Mitsidis Hellas
The impressions we have are very positive. We are happy with the traffic. We entered into new partnerships and saw up close several of our old clients. Several appointments were made with visitors from abroad, mainly from Middle Eastern countries, such as Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia.
Vassilis Arapoglou | Stakeholder & BoD member, Oscar SA
This year's ARTOZA left us very good impressions as the attendance was satisfactory and the visitors were all targeted. In ARTOZA of 2023 we will definitely take part.
Vassilis Pelehas | Co-owner, Peleha Bros OE - Epirotiko
ARTOZA is an important exhibition, which 30 years now really helps the artisanal bakery, and shapes the developments in the industry.
Michalis Mousios | President of the Hellenic Bakers’ Federation
Three decades have passed since the premiere of ΑRTOZA, an exhibition that has left its mark on the Bakery and Confectionery industry. It is our great joy that after two difficult years we meet again here.
Giannis Glykos | President of Federation of Greek Confectioners
We are very impressed with the organization of this year's ARTOZA. I was sure for positive commercial outcome of our participation from the first moment we made the agreement and I was not proven wrong.
Cristos Digenopoulos | CEO, Frulatti
We are very satisfied with our participation at ARTOZA, because during the four days of the trade show, we made contacts with new customers and we also renewed some old business deals.
Katerina Koukoutari | Marketing Director, Alfa Pastry
We are very happy to meet again at ARTOZA 2021, which creates a feeling of optimism. Our participation in the exhibition gave us the opportunity to see our old business partners but also to make new collaborations.
Stelios Peponopoulos | Owner, Pelion Ice Cream

Commercial executives from abroad

It’s my second time in ARTOZA and I think it is a very good exhibition because it helps us to develop our market and assortment of products.
Vlad ili | Manager of B2C Sales, CREATIVA SRL
It is the first time that I came here at ARTOZA and in Greece in general. It is an interesting exhibition; I hope everything will go well.
Valérie Coquet | Commercial Assistant for Greece & USA, “Chateau Blanc"
The exhibition had excellent organization. During ARTOZA we has a big opportunity to meet Greek clients and establish strong cooperation with the Greek market.
Iwona Lisocka-Fromm | Trade Expert, Union Chocolate Sp. z.o.o., MLYNY STOISLAW
I am very happy to be in the 17th ARTOZA, especially after this pandemia. It’s a restart and I think nice one as I saw many clients who had come back and show us their interest for our products.
Jurgen Mandl | General Manager, Mandl bakery equipment, planning and technical solutions
My feeling is very positive, and I really hope that this exhibition would be a step towards normality in order to make the business of gelato and ice cream as strong as possible.
Enrico Bargnesi | Export Manager, BRX srl, Sweet ice
The presentation of the companies remain at the highest level and the clients visit us because they want really to restart their businesses.
Marco Ricci | CEO, Granulati Italia, Frulatti
The fair was the perfect place for the launch of the coming concepts and projects, many professionals visiting us during the 4 days event, discovering our product lines for pastry and ice cream. Looking forward with optimism for Artoza 2023!
Lucian Groza | Export Manager, Cremolinea – Prime Pastry
This is the first time we exhibit here in ARTOZA. It is a welcome opportunity to meet our customers in person again. Here at ARTOZA, people are curious to see what we offer, we have a chat, they get inspired.
Jesper Albertsen | Expert Representative, “American pan Europe industrial baking pans and coatings”
It is my first time in ARTOZA. The exhibition is very nice and I am satisfied to see many new products in the sectors that interest me, such as moulds, sugarpaste and bakery.
Raivo Vilbaste | Owner, iCake OU
I am surprised that a lot of customers are here – interesting ones. These kinds of exhibitions are important for us and for the customers as well, to see and touch the machine, it is completely different online.
Gunther Preu | Senior technologist, “FRITSCH Bakery Technologies GmbH & Co. KG
It’s my first time in ARTOZA exhibition, where I saw many stands that are promoting the bakery business channel. I am very happy to be here as I met different customers and I saw their interest in coffee blends.
Andrea Milioto | Export Manager, Caffe Bonomi SpA, 1886 BONOMI
ARTOZA is well organized, and you feel safe as you see that the regulations are applying. Furthermore, at the exhibition we had the chance to meet many investors and professionals of the sector a fact that made us feel very happy.
Cesare Teruzzi | Export Manager, Miscela d’ Oro S.p.A., Gelato & Bakery Experts

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