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3-6 MARCH 2023

3-6 ΜΑΡΤΙΟΥ 2023


Important special events with top chefs and speakers

Experienced bakery and confectionery professionals and the new generation of the industry, as well as renowned experts, demonstrated, all 4 days of the exhibition on the stage of Masterclasses, a series of presentations and speeches, that took place in the specially designed Hall 3.

Monday 15 November – Post show 

Today, the day was dedicated to the new brilliant talents in the field of Breadmaking and Patisserie. Artists who have not yet reached the age of 30 presented their pioneering work on the main stage of masterclasses in Hall 3, and earned applause from their colleagues, both old and new.

Firstly, George Tzanakis (Head Pastry Chef, “Papaioannou Restaurants”, Okyalos Group, Kifissia, Kavouri), explained how a restaurant dessert is made compact in order to be sold in a simple pastry shop bowl.

Subsequently, Elias Triantis (Head Baker, “Nikos” Bakery, Nea Smyrni) analyzed the Peinirli File: Special doughs for peinirli with tea and beetroot extracts, with an unexpected filling. Vassilis Veros (Pastry Chef, “Meli & Karydi” Pastry Shop, Maroussi) talked about fruits and nuts, a new take on a classic and a favorite among Greek consumers.

In addition, Nantia Makrygianni (Head Pastry Chef, “Athens Capital Hotel” 5*, Syntagma) referred to the new trend, desserts with nutritional properties, while Liza Matsa (Pastry Chef “Sani Resort” 5*, winner of the Competition Best Greek Eclair, French Embassy) presented the method of preparing traditional rice pudding and pralines with surprising ingredients and flavors. The curtain went down on Masterclasses with: Eleni Entzeridou and Dimitris Karlis (Pastry Chefs “O Fournos tou Choriou”, “Bonjour”) who showcased the classic choux pastry with unexpected flavors and textures.

ARTOZA 2021 Masterclasses

Vassilis Veros, Pastry Chef “Meli & Karidi”


Nadia Makrygianni Chef, “Athens Capital Hotel”

Sunday 14 November – Post show 

A lot of professionals attended the Masterclasses which were held over the third day of the exhibition. Specifically, they had the opportunity to hear about everything related to pizza dough, Conceptual desserts based on Greek products, and sweet and savory versions of Brioche from market experts. The Hellenic Association of Food Technologists then held a conference on “Modern trends in Artisanal Breadmaking and Patisserie”, placing its scientific seal on the exhibition.

Spyridon Dimopoulos (Dough expert “Etien Pizza Bar”)


Saturday 13 November – Post show

Experienced bakery and confectionery professionals and the new generation of the industry, as well as renowned experts, demonstrated, today on the 2st day, on the stage of Masterclasses, a series of presentations and speeches, that took place  in the specially designed Hall 3. Artoza’s Masterclasses, welcomed leading bakers and confectioners, who hold key positions in major companies in the industry, in luxury resorts or have their own businesses.

Panargyros Tsitsarolis (Head Baker, “Paul”, Glyfada)

Marinos Kosmas (Pastry Chef)

The special events were a great success for yet another day, with a very significant number of professionals visiting the Masterclasses and speeches at the Business Lab. For the 2nd consecutive day, experts from the Breadmaking and Patisserie industry provided the audience with their experience and knowledge, who responded enthusiastically to the call by filling the stage that was set up in Hall 3.

The latest trends and best practices in all key areas related to the industries of Breadmaking and Patisserie were presented through the rich and innovative special events of the ARTOZA exhibition. Issues related to techniques for maximum efficiency in breadmaking, gluten free tarts, Ancient seeds and super foods, how packaging is changing in companies in the industry and how to deal with increases in pricing/costing were all examined closely.

Friday 12 November – Post show

From the 1st day, Masterclasses hosted important workshops and specialized presentations centered around breadmaking and patisserie, piquing the interest of both consumers and professionals alike. Turnout at the stages of the parallel events was particularly impressive, leaving the best impressions.

On the first day, Giannis Zografos (Head Pastry, Instructor, Cooking Classes) analyzed the principles and implementation of seasonality in patisserie, while Stefanos Diamantopoulos (Head Pastry Chef, Owner of “LEVOTRE PIREE”, Piraeus) featured Tangerine & olive oil in delicious preparations. Then, Dimitris Karkampitsas (Head Pastry Chef, “Kondylis” Bakery, Petroupoli) presented Middle Eastern desserts made with handmade Beirut filo dough.

Panagiotis Katsoulis (Digital Director, The-numinous)

Lefteris Kioses (Communications Manager, IELKA)

The hundreds of visitors who came to the Business Lab had the opportunity to be persuaded by three seminars full of useful information on all areas related to a business such as digital signatures, outdoor heating solutions, the new consumer profile in the post-Covid era, and how merchandising helps. The role of instructor was assumed by experts who took care to pass on their knowledge, earning applause.

Of course, a different set of speeches are presented every day.

The Masterclasses program follows in detail.



From… porcelain to on the go bowl
How to make a restaurant dessert compact to sell in a simple pastry shop
Speaker: George Tzanakis (Head Pastry Chef, “Papaioannou Restaurants”, Okyalos Group, Kifissia, Kavouri)


Peinirli: Special peinirli doughs with tea and beetroot extracts and unexpected flavors
Speaker: Elias Triantis (Head Baker, Nikos Bakery, Nea Smyrni)


Fruits and nuts: Greek consumers classic and favorite in new versions
Speaker: Vassilis Veros (Pastry Chef, Confectionery “Meli & Karydi”, Maroussi)


Sweets and healthy: The new trend, sweets with nutritional properties
Speaker: Nadia Makrygianni (Chef, “Athens Capital Hotel” 5 *, Syntagma)


Old school gourmet: The classic choux With unexpected flavors and textures
Speakers: Eleni Entzeridou, Dimitris Karlis (Pastry Chefs “O Fournos tou Choriou”, “Bonjour”)


Upside down! Deconstruction of traditional rice pudding and pralines with unexpected ingredients and flavors
Speaker: Lisa Matsa (Pastry Chef “Sani Resort” 5 *, winner of the Best Greek Eclair Competition, French Embassy)

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