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Exhibitors' Testimonials - ARTOZA 2019

The high organizational level of the exhibition, the quality of the visitors from every corner of Greece and the great commercial agreements that were concluded dominated the statements of the exhibitors of ARTOZA 2019.

This year's Artoza has fully satisfied the needs of our business. We see that compared to 2 years ago, more and more people are asking for substantial assistance, more information and are getting more interested about the sector. People this year is significantly better. We concluded agreements since day one so I think something is changing in the sector. Artoza is necessary and that’s why we are regular participants since the first exhibition.
Vasilis Kourlampas | Managing Director / Kourlampas, Theodoros CH., Ltd
It is a necessary institution for the sector. This year's turnout was high despite adverse weather conditions and we hope the next one will have similar success. The contacts and agreements we made were of high standards and very satisfactory. Artoza is constantly being improved with respect to organization as well as with respect to the exhibition center. It is now at a European level
Konstantinos Laoudis | Director-General / LAOUDIS FOODS
Artoza 2019 exceeded all expectations. Despite the country's crisis, Artoza has shown that it can withstand the pressures of the times. We hope it will be the starting point for a way out of the crisis. I believe it is the ultimate assistant of all the exhibitors, all the people in the sector. Without Artoza I believe we are half people now. It is now a well known event not only in our country. We have visitors from all over the world. It's an institution.
Manthos Markoulis | Sales Manager / Pan Décor
As always it is a very good exhibition. The level of the exhibitors and the exhibition itself is very high. We hear praising comments from foreigners, who have visited in great numbers this year. We are very pleased and we hope to go even further and become more international to be able to promote our products abroad. The contacts we made this year were much more substantial than other years. The visitors were all professionals who were focused on what they wanted.
Nikos Sakellaridis | President and Managing Director / AKTINA
I think this year’s Artoza is very successful and we certainly like it very much. We made several trade agreements though we were unlucky with the bad weather. Artoza is necessary because it is the great festival of our sector.
Stelios Kanakis | President and Managing Director / Stelios Kanakis
Despite any weather adversities it has been a successful event. I think it overcame bad weather. From the early days it has shown that it would be successful for us and this was confirmed. There has been substantial work here. Artoza is valuable for contact with our clientele; it is an opportunity to come into contact.
Theodoros Batis | President and Managing Director / Sefco Zeelandia
It has been a very successful exhibition. It had a very good organization and a satisfactory number of exhibitors to keep the visitors up to date and busy. We made the trade agreements that we aimed for and were able to present some new products that we brought with us. Artoza is not only necessary but also one of the basic tools that enables us to communicate with our customers from all over Greece. We hope for an even better Artoza in 2021.
Antonis Salevourakis | Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Commercial Director / PURATOS
For another year it was amazing. Many congratulations to FORUM and to all the exhibitors. People came despite bad weather. We are very pleased with participation and attendance. We concluded many trade agreements and the exhibition helped a lot in this, as most were related to new products that were presented here for the first time. Artoza is indispensable for the sector. Old and new business professionals meet and see the market trends which evolve very rapidly.
Ioannis Stefanou | Managing Director / Clivanexport
ARTOZA gives us the opportunity to meet with our clients and talk about developments in the sector. This year's event was very good as well. We believe that this exhibition is essential and helps all professionals.
Eleni Kepenou | Managing Director / Kepenos Mills S.A.
This year’s exhibition, like the previous ones, was very good in the sense that we were given the opportunity to meet people from many customer groups. We are happy with the contacts we made as well as their quality. The outcome will be clear after the end of the exhibition. Artoza is very important for the sector because it enables us to meet with a lot of people involved in this sector in a short period of time.
Panagiotis Adamantidis | Organized Retail Trade Sales Division / ALFA
It went very well, we saw many collaborators and friends from all over Greece. We had the opportunity to be informed about the news of the market and to make the contacts and trade agreements we wanted. Artoza is necessary because we, as suppliers, are informed about market trends but also the bakers and confectioners can be informed about developments in the sector, new products and market trends in general
Nikos Loulis | Managing Director / Loulis Mills
Artoza upgrades the sector. Everyone tries his/her best and works really hard. We have made several contacts and are trying to make exports as well. I see Artoza attracts even more new visitors from abroad. I believe it is necessary. As a company we will surely be in Artoza in the next few years.
Stelios Yiannikas | President and Managing Director / STELIOS YIANNIKAS SA
It has been an excellent exhibition, with our guests showing great interest and professional attitude. This entire four-day event gave us business for two years. That means that we will see how all these contacts may evolve. We certainly carried out the contacts and discussions we wanted. We participate because we believe that Artoza is the most important exhibition in the Balkans for the sector.
Athina Diamanti | General Manager / LEDRA
Excellent organization, very good turnout of people despite bad weather, and high quality, mainly by professionals. It is the sectoral exhibition that provides solutions and ideas to professionals. We have made important business contacts and expect to do even better in the next few days. We have also participated in the previous years and will surely be there for the next because we think it is very important.
Kyriakos Lemontzis | Commercial Manager / Lykakis
The exhibition is of a high standard, the organization was very good and the visitors’ attendance was pretty satisfactory- to the extent that exceeded all our expectations. There have been some new trade agreements, but above all we established ourselves just with our participation. It's a festival of the sector. Artoza must go on because it promotes the sector and keeps it alive, creative and profitable.
Panagiotis Karachalios | President and Managing Director / RODOULA
Artoza 2019, like the previous ones, has been very successful. It has a great turnout despite the difficult weather conditions. Artoza is necessary. We have achieved quite a few things in this exhibition. Our participation goes back many years since the time it was housed at the Piraeus Port Authority SA facilities. Artoza is always evolving with new projects and new entries along with the traditional exhibitors that take part each year, which alone shows that it is a very successful exhibition. We will probably be in the upcoming exhibitions as well.
Nikolaos Benakis | Managing Director / Olympic Foods
It was quite interesting. I see it much improved compared to previous years and I think a bright future lies ahead. We made the trade agreements we wanted even though the weather did not help. Artoza is indispensable for the sector, it is a tool. It is the largest exhibition in the sector
Dimitris Papaemmanouil | Administrative Manager / LESAFFRE
As with any Artoza, so this year, the Greek bakery, confectionery and ice cream retailer has the opportunity to promote its product categories, come into contact with existing and new customers and develop its turnover. So this year as well, we had the opportunity to come into contact with many professionals; we had a huge turnout. This is the second time we participate and we will be here again with even bigger booths.
Marina Voroni | Managing Director / Vordonis
Michail Arabatzis “Hellenic Dough” is here at one of the largest, if not the largest, sectoral exhibition in the bakery and confectionery sector. It is an impeccable organization and I think every year it is getting even better. The reason we are here is clearly commercial. All our customers have honored us with their presence. We have made over 200 meetings with new clients and it seems that the goal has been reached this year as well. We support the institution; we are here now and will also be here next time.
Dimitris Zakalkas | Marketing & Communication Strategist / Arabatzis

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