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The exhibitors are impressed by the commercial outcome of ARTOZA 2023

The exhibitors expressed their great satisfaction with the commercial result of the ARTOZA 2023 exhibition, and also they were impressed by the number of high quality visitors.

The survey carried out on a sample of 100 ARTOZA 2023 exhibitors, by the company ALCO, on behalf of the exhibition’s organizing company, shows that participation in the exhibition brought significant commercial opportunities for all exhibitors! The results of the survey confirmed that the exhibition that it is the most targeted trade show for the Bakery and Confectionery sector in Greece, which offers fertile ground for the development of new commercial agreements.

ARTOZA 2023 - Έρευνα Εκθετών
ARTOZA 2023 - Έρευνα Εκθετών

The results of the survey clearly prove that the supply companies of the industry consider the exhibition as the leading trade forum for the bakery and pastry sector in our country. Impressively, 64% of survey participants said they closed business deals during the four days of the trade show, while 96% estimated they were going to close deals with clients they met at the show in the coming months. Also important is the fact that 68% consider that the commercial objectives that led to their participation were covered. At the same time, 82% declared satisfied with the quality and quantity of visitors, 94% of the exhibitors were satisfied to extremely satisfied with their participation, while already 90% of the exhibitors have expressed through the survey their intention to participate and in the next edition of 2025.

ARTOZA 2023 - Έρευνα Εκθετών
ARTOZA 2023 - Έρευνα Εκθετών

Based on the findings of the survey, it is clear that ARTOZA 2023 was for its exhibitors a particularly important and successful exhibition, since it satisfied all of their main demands on a commercial level.

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