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  • The Co-Organizing Committee for ARTOZA of 2023 was held in an excellent atmosphere

The Co-Organizing Committee for ARTOZA of 2023 was held in an excellent atmosphere

The representatives of the bakery & pastry industry’s supply market confirm that they share common vision and goals with FORUM SA, ARTOZA’s organizing company during the meeting of the Co-Organizing Committee for the 18th ARTOZA 2023, which took place on Wednesday 13th of April, at the Electra Palace Athens Hotel.

The President and CEO of FORUM Mr. Thanos Panagoulias, as well as the Vice President Mr. Thanassis Gialouris, together with company executives, had the opportunity to welcome leading market representatives of FEDIMA and KAMEZA, who attended the meeting with keen interest. The agenda of the meeting was the organization of the next event in March 2023, and the ways it can be upgraded. Present and with an active role were of course the presidents of the two Federations of the sector – Bakers and Pastry professionals – Mr. Michalis Mousios and Mr. Giannis Glykos.


The plans and the strengthening of extroversion

CEO of FORUM SA, Mr. Thanos Panagoulias developed the company’s strategy for the upgrade of the trade show and the development of the international orientation of ARTOZA. Mr. Panagoulias informed the market representatives about the hosted buyer program that is already being prepared by FORUM, with the aim of attracting notable international buyers from all the Balkan countries and Cyprus, but also from other European countries, who are interested in the products of the Greek market. All attendees were mobilized by the message of extroversion sent by the next ARTOZA, submitting their own proposals, and pledging to assist in this direction, using their own portfolio of contacts. For their part, Mr. Mousios and Mr. Glykos assured that both Federations will move in this direction, emphasizing that they will make the most of their communication with the respective Balkan federations, especially Albania, which as a market shows geometrically growing interest in the Greek supply sector of Bakery and Confectionery. The position of FEDIMA HELLAS was also important and Mr. Stelios Giannikas, stated the intention of almost all its members to support the exhibition, forging the strong ties that already connect the Raw Materials companies with the trade show.


New breath in the parallel events as well

The plans of the organizing company for the parallel events of ARTOZA have been renewed, which, as Mr. Panagoulias explained, it aims to be another asset for the exhibition. The contribution of exhibitors at the live cooking shows and the workshops will be welcomed and substantial, as stated by the CEO of FORUM, emphasizing that the bakers and pastry chefs of the companies that are exhibiting at the trade show have the experience and know the real needs of the professionals of the industry. Finally, the opening hours of the exhibition (10:00-19:00 daily, March 3-6, 2023) as well as the days of preparation (5) were agreed among the attendees. At the end of the meeting all participants had the opportunity to enjoy their dinner in a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the inner garden of the hotel.


Strong market presence

Mr. Stelios Giannikas (FEDIMA HELLAS), Mr. George Laoudis (LAOUDIS FOODS), Mr. Stelios Kanakis (STELIOS KANAKIS SA), Mr. Sotiris Smyrnis (LESAFFRE) honored the meeting with their presence. While also present were Mr. Theodoros Kourlampas and Mr. Vassilis Kourlampas (KOURLAMPAS, THEODOROS CH., LTD), Mr. George Basas (BASAS SA), Mr. Panagiotis Koulogiannis (EUROPSIKTIKI DESIGN), Mr. Stathis Antonopoulos (ANTONOPOULOS SA), Mrs. Jenny Stasi and Mr. Spyros Stasi (DAKORONIAS Dim. Stasi & Co. OE). Apart from the presidents of the Federations, Mr. Prokopis Tsoukalas (Second Vice President of OAE) and Mr. Panagiotis Stergiou (Deputy General Secretary of OEZE) also were present. Finally, from the side of FORUM SA, the project manager of ARTOZA Mr. Thanassis Belekoukias, the financial director Mr. Stratos Apostolakos, Mr. George Theodoropoulos (Commercial Department), Mrs. Angela Zampakola, event manager and Mrs. Penelope Karabela, editorial director of the magazine Bakery-Confectionery were also present. The 18th ARTOZA is scheduled to take place March 3 to 6, 2023 at the Metropolitan Expo and is expected to bring together the entire supply market and a large number of professional visitors from Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans.

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