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3-6 MARCH 2023

3-6 ΜΑΡΤΙΟΥ 2023


Top pastry chefs meet up at Masterclasses

Established since day one, Masterclasses are a reference point for the sector. So, ARTOZA 2023 will host once again demonstrations by established pastry chefs and bakery masters.

During the four days of the trade show, in a specially designed stage at Hall 2 professionals from the baking and pastry industry will have the opportunity to attend a wide range of presentations designed to showcase the full range of products, trends and services available to the contemporary professional at both creative level and as well as at the level of organization and upgrading of his business.

Specifically, the stage of Masterclasses will host top bakers and pastry chefs, who will present through live cooking shows unique trends and modern techniques and innovative ideas. Also, renowned market experts will give a series of presentations and lectures around the organization, management, and marketing of ice – cream and bakery and pastry shops.

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